Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How to Avoid Payday Loan Fees


If you have no choice but to get a payday loan, at least try to avoid the fees. There is a simple method which you can use to avoid those pesky fees and spend less money in the long run. It will be easier to pay back your loan in full by the due date.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy



Step One

Look for a payday loan company that is running a special for new customers. Many companies run "no payments or interest for 60 days" type specials, which will allow you extra time to get the amount paid before the large interest fees kick in.

Step Two

Borrow only what you need to. It may be enticing to borrow enough to get the light bill paid, and take the family out for a nice dinner, but you will have more trouble paying it back later on.

Step Three

Do whatever you can to get the money within 60 days, now that you have that additional time to work with. Ways to get extra money include taking valuables to the pawn shop, working at a temp agency for a few days ("work today, paid today" type place), putting old items on eBay or in a consignment shop, or you can even save money by cutting coupons and looking for supermarket specials.

Step Four

Put a small portion towards your loan every time you receive a paycheck. It will be easier to pay in four to eight smaller payments than one larger payment.

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