Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How to Fix Bad Credit


It really sucks to be turned down for the basic stuff most other people take for granted like a car loan, apartment lease, credit card approval, cell phone, and so many other things because of a bad credit score. If your credit score is too low and you want to get it changed for whatever reason go to http://www.Credit-report-repair.us


Difficulty: Easy

Things You'll Need

  • Computer, $500



Step One

First step? Get snagged by an annoying creditor, there are so many good ones, like ohhh buy a house and go into foreclosure, make a late payment on a credit card, or say neglect a car payment, medical bills and a slew of other things you bought on prior credit but have not been able to pay back, then there's child support, what a fun one! There's creditors who say you didn't pay but you did so they up yours on the credit score. Bankruptcy, or another favorite, not paying income taxes, these are just some of the really nice reasons to proceed to step number two.

Step Two

Borrow $500 and stick it in your bank account. Just kidding, grab your credit card.

Step Three

Next, go find a computer and type in http://www.credit-report-repair.us, sign up and Tadah! You're done. Excellent credit is on it's way.

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