Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How to use a home equity loan


This will teach you some great uses for a home equity loan or line of credit


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need

  • A house
  • a decent credit score
  • a job with income or liquid assets



Step One

Home Equity lines and loans can be used for tons of different things. You should be smart because it could get you in trouble ( like a lot of America right now) So step one is to use your head.

Step Two

Some basic uses are consolidating higher rate credit cards and other debts, paying for children's education, home repair, medical reasons, buying a new car, vacation, starting a new business, buying a 2nd/vacation home and many many more.

Step Three

A credit line is set up for you to use at any time. Most home equity lines have a 10 year access period and allow 20 additional years to pay back after the first 10 years. You will usually get a check book to draw down on the credit line and some states allow a credit card to be attached. Many banks will allow you to get home equity funds right at the teller (only if that bank has your home equity loan). Lots of banks now let you move money from your home equity on-line.

Step Four

You can deposit the check right to your own bank account or give it to a 3rd party. It is that simple

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