Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How to finance cosmetic surgery.


Cosmetic surgery is one of the expensive treatments in the field of healthcare.On an average cosmetic surgery treatment often costs from 800$-20000$ depending upon the body part whose surgery you are undergoing as well as the standard rates prescribed for different sections of a cosmetic treatment like facelift, breastlift,liposuction and tummytuck etc.The increase in the costs of these surgeries depend upon the value they acquire among the general masses, still medical cases running with a bad credit or having a weak budget are now aided with treatment fee that is in excess of their pockets.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You'll Need

  • To finance your cosmetic surgery you will require to become the client of a cosmetic surgeon of good repute and the help of a financial institution through a medical tourism company.



Step One

For financing a cosmetic surgery first of all you have to seek a good cosmetic surgeon as well as a finance institution that could pay the medical bills of the surgery on your behalf.

Step Two

Now the question arises how would you get access to a finance institution for getting a loan for your cosmetic surgery,the reference of your cosmetic surgeon to the finance company will not work,of course you will have to approach a medical tourism company who would act on your behalf to approve money for the treatment.

Step Three

Just search and approach a medical tourism company who has tieups with sound finance institutions providing medical loans to patients who are running short of money to pay their bills.

Step Four

If you provide information about your cosmetic surgery requirements as well as the need of the estimated money to be lend, to the medical tourism company then it would definitely provide you the details of the finance institutions who can lend you money. But you will need to make a service registration with the tourism company to proceed further.

Step Five

After you make a registration with the tourism company it would provide you the details and options of various surgery finance schemes,you can apply for any one of them after studying and agreeing to their terms and conditions if found to be suitable.

Step Six

* After applying for the cosmetic surgery loan you would have to make all the documentation procedure with the finance institution by giving the details of the cosmetic surgeon recommended to you by the tourism company.

Step Seven

* If you face any kind of complication during the approval procedure of the loan then you can take the guidance of the tourism company, After your loan has got approved you can start your cosmetic surgery anywhere you wish either in your home country or abroad but if you are going abroad for the surgery then you better ask the medical tourism company to make arrangements of your travel boarding and lodging to make your cosmetic surgery comfortable and a successful one.

Step Eight

If anyone wants to get more information about a cosmetic surgery finance then he can visit and submit his/her query to reputed medical tourism companies like Tour2india4health.

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